It is possible to resolve the most contentious of disputes with the assistance of the right mediator. The ideal Milwaukee mediation attorney possesses a thorough understanding of the local legal landscape, as well as the communication skills necessary to convince seemingly opposing parties to cooperate. Susan K. Scott brings these essential qualities to the table, as well as a clear sense of compassion for her valued clients. For the ultimate in mediation, look to Susan Scott of the Ivanovic Law Offices.

Approaches To Mediation: Why Choose An Education-Based Mediation Lawyer?

A variety of approaches to mediation are available, with many individuals working with lawyers who focus on facilitative mediation. This traditional mediation approach involves a facilitator responsible for organizing the mediation process. Although this mediator is not able to provide advice regarding the ideal outcome of the dispute, he or she can ask questions designed to help both parties reach a mutually beneficial resolution.
Facilitative mediation has its merits, but it is not the approach preferred by all of those in the midst of significant disputes. Many individuals prefer to opt for an alternative approach that involves targeted feedback from a trusted legal advisor while still giving them them a sense of control. This education-based approach to facilitation can prove quite useful in a variety of contexts, and, as such, is the mediation style Susan K. Scott has decided to pursue at the Ivanovic Law Offices. Through education-based mediation, Susan Scott is able to provide detailed feedback for her valued clients, all the while ensuring that they are free to make their own decisions. This is an ideal approach for those who desire some level of independence but also require more specific feedback than what they might be able to achieve through other forms of mediation.

Susan K. Scott: A Compassionate Mediation Attorney

Susan Scott understands the pain and frustration experienced by those requiring mediation services. She strives to ease this burden by providing caring and compassionate legal assistance. Always willing to listen to the concerns of her valued clients, Susan Scott prides herself on her ability to build and maintain strong attorney-client relationships. Ultimately, these trusting relationships help even the most anxious of mediation clients arrive at satisfactory case resolutions. If you are in need of legal assistance from a mediation attorney who has your best interests at heart, feel free to get in touch with Susan K. Scott.